5 Ways To Generate Leads Without Spending a Dime

Regardless of what kind of business you run, the way we work, sell and acquire customers has changed. Consumers are cutting back on spending, and businesses are operating on smaller budgets. When a economical downturn happens, the first thing that goes is usually the marketing budget. In this article, we’re going to show you 5 easy ways to generate leads without spending a dime on advertising.

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In today’s digitally focused economy, the majority of your customers and prospects will most likely be online. This makes it essential for you to have a sales and marketing strategy that involves leveraging online sources to generate leads. There are many costly strategies for online lead generation. Search engine optimization, search and display ads, social media ads, all of which require a sizable budget in order to really see results. This isn’t always the case. Here are five easy ways you can generate leads online without spending a dime.

Focus on Influencer Outreach

Focus on influencer outreach to generate leads

Focus on influencer outreach to generate leads

The first way you can generate leads without spending a dime is to leverage influencer marketing. When people hear the term “Influencer Marketing”, the first thought usually goes to Instagram models and lifestyle marketers. While this is the most popular form of influencer marketing, it isn’t the only one. There are influential people and organizations in every industry. These individuals and companies have customers, followers, and fans who pay attention to what these companies do, and take their opinion very seriously.

The strategy you should employ, is to build a relationship with a company that has the audience you are looking for. This will create opportunities for new leads through referrals and recommendations. When creating your list of target influencers for that relationship, you don’t want to connect with just anyone. Make sure the person or company you’re looking to partner with is intimately connected with your market.

Use Smart Guest Blogging

The second way you can generate leads without spending a dime is to guest blog. Guest blogging is a content marketing strategy where you write and publish on a third party website to raise awareness about you and your brand. Guest blogging is one of the best, free methods of building your brand, marketing your services and generating new leads. The key to success with guest blogging is to be smart.

It’s easy to fall into the mindset of guest blogging in order to create backlinks to your site or your sales page. The strategy you should take is to focus on creating high-quality content. Target blogs and websites that are well known in your business category and write high-quality content on those websites. You’ll want to demonstrate your experience and expertise in your industry. This will position you as the go-to person for what you do.

Offer Free Products or Trials

The third way you can generate leads without spending a dime is to offer free products, trials and consultations. Many consumers, and even businesses today want to try before they buy. If you’re selling a product or service that you believe will add value to your customer, consider offering a limited time access to your service. Offering a free trial can do wonders for lead generation.

A free trial gives your prospects a look at your product to learn how it can be of use to them. This has the same effect as walking into a car dealership and taking a test drive of that car you’ve had your eye on. Once people start using your product in a free trial, they’re more likely to become a paid customer because they’ve had the chance to see for themselves, how your product solves their problem.

Offer An Attractive Affiliate or Reseller Program

The fourth way you can generate leads without spending a dime is to offer a reseller or affiliate program. An affiliate marketing program is where you pay individuals a commission for promoting and marketing your products or service. A reseller program is structured the same way. The best part of this strategy, is that you only pay when they make a sale through their marketing efforts.

You get independent marketers that promote your service. This raises awareness about your brands and creates leads that you can manage and nurture. When that lead converts to a customer, then you give a percentage of that sale amount to the marketer. You can sell other services or products that you have to that customer – all that matters is that it’s a lead that you didn’t have to pay for. This ends up being a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Use Incentives

The fifth way you can generate leads without spending a dime is to use incentives with your marketing. You’ve seen offers such as buy one, get one free. This is an example of an incentive. You’re offering a bonus – something they wouldn’t normally get. A great way to get the ball rolling and generate word of mouth about your business is to use different incentives for every product you offer.

These incentives can be anything from a direct discount, to a product giveaway through social media. Giveaways have been shown to work especially well with Twitter and Facebook. If you’re a B2C focused business, these two platforms will work especially well for generating leads with incentives. If you’re a B2B focused business, then LinkedIn will work to help you generate dozens of leads in no time.

The Bottom Line

These 5 strategies are proof that you can generate leads online without spending a dime in advertising. Many have grown accustomed to spending money on ad placements. Which is a great tactic for generating immediate interest and exposure. However, you have to keep spending to maintain those results. With these strategies, you can leverage the power of the internet to establish a long-lasting presence on the internet. Getting exposure and brand recognition without increasing your advertising budget.

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