It's Coming... A Complete Done-For-You SaaS Platform That Gives You
The Blueprint To Exponentially Growing Your Business
In The Next 12 Months

Make this your best year ever. In just 90 days!

Meet Dulce

Dulce was one of our early beta testers of the B3 platform. She used the lessons learned in the Active Learning Experience to adopt new habits and created automated systems to streamline her work and improve her business.

Does this sound like you?

1. Are you tired of working IN your business instead of working ON your business?

2. Did you get into a leadership position, hoping to have more freedom, only to find yourself shackled to your desk?

3. Are you tired of working more hours and having less time to spend enjoying your life?

4. Do you want your business to be successful REGARDLESS of economic events, so you can focus on your mission?

If so, you’re in the right place!

Meet Paulo

Paulo was unemployed. Laid-off due to COVID-19. He’d been applying for jobs, getting nowhere and getting an overall bleak outlook on life. He took a chance with the You 2.0 Challenge and committed to 10 minutes a day. After the first week, completely turned around his mindset, and was a completely different person. He overcame procrastination, learned how to follow through and got a job in his field a week after completing the challenge.

You Can and You Will Redesign Your Life And Live Your Best Year Yet!

28 days from now, you'll be able to...

1. Unleash your creative power to design the life you want

2. Harvest the advantages of managing your time smartly to achieve more with less

3. Eliminate procrastination and get the work done

4. Learn how to deal with the fear of failure and the fear of rejection

5. Build the confidence to do the things that you fear, but always wanted to do in life.

6. Have a total mind shift and mater the game to unlimited wealth, success and prosperity

7. Develop deeper and more meaningful connections with your co-workers, family and friends

Introducing B3 the...

Big Business Blueprint

Everything you need to fast track the success of your business and make this your best year yet!

A comprehensive consulting experience that blends active learning,
artificial intelligence and automation

See What Advanced Phases Are Included in This Transformational Experience

B3 is a complete done-for-you program that virtually consists of everything you need to succeed, draw in boundless supply of abundance, free time and start getting everything you’ve ever wanted.

Phase 1: Break Ground

You’ll re-program your mind, and those of your employees to adopt a 7-figure mindset. Set big goals and identify potential issues that can stand in the way of your success

Phase 2: Foundation

Then, you’ll simplify your operations by creating a foundation for efficiency in the workplace. Tap into the A.I. powered training to eliminate workplace conflicts, distractions. Learn how to bootstrap, raise capital to fund your operations, develop new products or position your existing ones in the market for success.

Phase 3: Transform

Utilize technology to transform your business. Expand your sales and marketing efforts with AI powered business development. Streamline operations with custom workflows, processes and integrations to really optimize your organization.

Module 4: Take Flight

Now, your business is a well oiled machine. Implement confidence building strategies to keep your team productive. 

Here's what you'll get with the complete B3 Program


The Core Training of the B3 Program is more than just an introduction. This is a comprehensive 90-day learning experience. You’ll get training videos that will give a deeper look into tips and strategies to help you be the very best version of yourself. Both personally and professionally. You’ll learn:

  • How to define your big picture
  • How to bootstrap your business to 7 Figures
  • How to generate profitable products/services and take them to market
  • How to raise capital to fund your operations
  • How to scale your business through automation


Dive even deeper and use our artificial intelligence platform to unleash your true productive self. This 90-day supplemental learning experience will touch on 4 main areas:

  • Mindset, stress & emotional intelligence
  • Leadership and time management
  • Training on technology productivity platforms
  • Remaining consistent and committed

This coaching experience is more than just a series of lessons, videos and exercises. Our algorithms will provide a unique learning experience that’s based on your personality and how you interact with the courses. So it learns and provides customized lessons to help you maximize your productivity.


To survive in business, you must appear everywhere your customers are. This 90-day supplemental learning experience will show you how to automate and maximize your marketing efforts. You’ll learn:

  • Basic strategies for all social media platforms
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing and segmentation
  • How to tap into a global network of marketers to promote your business


Get ready to transform your sales departments into Evergreen Lead Business Machines. Tap into an automated system that uses AI to learn from interactions with prospects and put your brand in the right place, at the right time, talking about the right things. You’ll get:

  • Dedicated campaign manager
  • Unlimited leads and prospects
  • Appointment setting*
  • Prospects matched on 7 points of qualification with your exact product or service


Worksuite will be your one-stop business solution to handle and automate all your business tasks. Saving you time to focus on more strategic items of your business and improving overall productivity. You’ll get:

  • Project Management
  • Finance Management
  • Customer Management
  • HR Management
  • Workflow Processes
  • Reports
  • 3rd-Party Integrations

Systemizing your business with Worksuite, establishing polices and procedures will free you from the day-to-day tasks so you can focus on the strategic moves you need to take to grow.

But Wait... That's not all! If you pre-order before 8.11.2020 when this program goes live, you'll also get these awesome bonuses


Join our weekly productivity coaching calls. In these sessions, we dive a little more in depth into the concepts outlined in the B3 Program and how to set yourself up for success.


Get FREE entry into our monthly mastermind summits. Network virtually with professionals and businesses, build relationships that can help improve your business.


See What Other Successful Beta Testers Are Saying about This Program

Daniel E.

- Finance Executive

Worth Every Penny!


A fast-track path towards unlocking your own best self, at work & in your personal life.

Susan K.

A Priceless Experience


This program gave me a blueprint on how to structure my life.

Aubrie D.

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