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Team Samex . July 21, 2021

How to Become Impervious to Stress

In this article, you will learn how to be impervious to stress, understand its psychological concepts, and learn the best practices to remain free from it.

One of the most incredibly motivating and inspiring movies of all time is without a doubt the movie Rocky. It's a movie about boxing and fighting, but it's really become a lot more than that. Over the years, we all know the Rocky theme music. It is iconic. It's pretty much played in any scene where people are showing or shown getting better at something.

The Rocky movies are admired by fitness enthusiasts all around the world. It's the go-to movie for getting pumped before a big event. But the appeal of the movie lies much deeper than just, masculine and the on the surface eighties rock music.

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The key to Rocky's influence really lies in the message. Because when Rocky is up against an impossibly tall opponent, think Ivan Drago, you can see this as just a metaphor. This is a metaphor for life and in our own lives that tall opponent could be any obstacle. Eventually, Rocky's going to work hard and he's going to fight through the obstacle. And in time, you can do the same. Now, if you watch the Rocky movies again, much more deeply, you'll notice that they all have a few things in common. In particular, they all kind of start with Rocky in a rather bad place at the start.

He's either under stress, he's frustrated with his car situation or he's alone in what he's striving for. And only by overcoming the challenges that he's able to improve his lifestyle and get to the next level and his happiness.

So what does that tell us? It's simple. Life is hard. And this is abundantly clear in the speeches that Rocky gives throughout the movies. For example, it ain't about how hard you hit it's about how hard you can get hit. This is what some people would call stoic wisdom.

What is Stoicism?

Stoicism is perhaps one of the most fascinating philosophies. And its central tenant is that life is hard. Life is going to be hard, bad things will happen. There's no benefit in being blindly optimistic and thinking positive all the time. All we can do is focus on dealing with the hard times when they come. And so by shifting your mind and getting into this mode.

We prepare ourselves for the storms that life will throw at us, that business with us, and we'll be prepared and we'll fortify ourselves against these storms. We'll be prepared for the hard times because we're psychologically ready to deal with them. And because of this, you won't get surprised and nothing can slow you down. When things happen, there is a lot of pride to be had by surviving hard times. There's a lot to be said for that. It makes us stronger and makes us better.

So when the hard times are coming, when you're faced with challenges, don't shut them out. Don't shy away from them. Thrive in them! And allow them to make you stronger. You can do this by practicing stoicism. Now, this is how you'll be able to ensure that you'll never face a challenge that you can't handle.

Chronic Stress

This also allows you to avoid constant fight or flight. So it's pretty common these days, that most people are living their lives in a constant state of stress and information overload. This is a really serious problem because it's triggering the release of negative hormones and neurotransmitters, which have a negative impact on your health. But it actually goes a lot deeper than that.

Always being stressed, chronic stress, means that you're constantly being pushed. And then rather than being able to stop and smell the roses, rather than being able to enjoy your life, you end up simply trying to survive it. Now with that, but you mean constantly reactive, constantly reacting to events. Therefore, you're unable to actually be proactive, to take control, and to decide the course of your life and the direction that you want to take.

Understanding the Concept of Stress

Now, the reason behind this is we all have different things to stress us out. And these stresses lead to this. Some of us are struggling with debt, some of us are overworked in the office, a lot of homes have problems in our relationships or regardless of what that problem is, it all affects the body in the same way. And it affects the body in the same way that it would, if you were being chased by a wild dog or a wild animal, you know, as far as your body is concerned, you are in danger.

It needs to then create the right hormones to increase your heart rate, contract your muscles, and then prevent the air from being spent anywhere else. Whether it's on your food or on your immune system. That's why we get sick when we were constantly stressed. And from a psychological perspective, this means that we're simply burned out and simply just worn out.

Practice Stoicism to Get Rid of Stress

What many of us don't realize in this state is that energy, it's a finite resource. A lot of us think that time is a finite resource. You know, time is limited. That's why there's a lot of resources around time management. But in fact, your energy is a lot more limited than time. If you spend all day worrying about work and if you're getting home late because of this, how are you going to choose the direction that you'll be able to go? How are we going to write that book you've been wanting to write? How are you going to find the time to improve your fitness or finding time to improve your career and take in a direction that really excites you?

All you're doing is just treading water. And burning all your energy by worrying and thinking. And you're burning out your passion? So what's the answer. Well, as easy as it might sound, practice stoicism. Then, make the choice to focus on the things that really matter to you. Stop worrying about the things that don't. When you're practicing stoicism, learn to face your fears. Stop being driven by them instead. Learn to take the risk that's necessary. Especially if you want to try something new. If you want to have a new career, if you want to reach the next level with promotion, now would say, enough is enough. Give yourself that break whatever it takes.

Say Goodbye to the Old You

By practicing stoicism, you need to say goodbye to the old you. And this is something that a lot of us struggled to do. I've struggled with this in the past myself. All too often, we want to present ourselves as being in control. We want people to know, how we're able to handle things, that we're in control of the situation. We want there to be consistency in what we do and what we say.

But at the same time, we want to somehow be loyal to the version of us from the past, through who we were in the past. But the reality is that life demands change. We need to be able to adapt, we need to evolve and we need to grow to become the best versions of ourselves.

Let's say for example, that you wanted to be an actor. Let's say that's your dream for as long as you can remember, but now, what if you're in your thirties and you don't feel that way anymore? You know, some people would be going for that goal of being an actor, just remain loyal to their old selves, to the younger selves. To show the people around them, that there's someone who does what they say they're going to do, who sticks to their goals and to their beliefs. Another example, what if you've been strongly right-wing or conservative your entire life. But now you're feeling a little to the left and vice versa.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, growth or any kind of growth that you want to achieve in life will require some change. And if you're going to develop yourself into your ideal self, the person that you really want to be, you need to be willing to change. If you start limiting what you allow yourself to want and what you allow yourself to believe as possible for you, then you end up limiting yourself and putting restrictions on what you can accomplish.

I want you to free yourself. Free yourself to change. And free yourself to grow so those incredible things can happen. 

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