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Written by: Jenkins Ebiware Jr . January 5, 2022

3 Ways to Prevent Burnout As You Re-enter The Workplace

As the workplace begins to reopen in certain regions, we’re all moving forward with lessons. We learned them from balancing the work-from-home lifestyle and doing our best to prevent burnout. Many will be venturing out with excitement about seeing friends, coworkers, and families, even at a distance. Others will be doing so with hesitation and anxiety. No matter what pace you choose to reintegrate, you might be longing to get back to what you considered “normal”.

It wasn’t that long ago that burnout in the workplace was the topic of discussion. The debates raged over whether flexible schedules and working from home would provide the balance that many of us wanted. The pandemic forced a change in how we work and tore down the barriers to remote work in many industries. But, remote work itself didn’t prove to be the cure to the widespread issue of burnout and our overall well-being as working professionals.

The issue continues to be the 24/7 onslaught of information that we try to consume in an attempt to either find that balance or remain relevant. It’s a double-edged sword because as you’re trying to improve your life in one way or another, you’ll need to research to make sure that your time is well spent. It’s great to have a wealth of information that we can easily access to improve our skills for our businesses. But, too much information consumption is bad for your health and will hurt your chances of achieving your goals.

In this article, you’ll learn 3 ways to realize when you’re nearing the point of too much information consumption. It will teach you what you can do to prevent yourself from burning out once again.

1. Stop the Information Consumption

Whether it’s looking for the best nutrition plans, looking for the best time management or productivity techniques, or looking for the best strategies for that new project you’ve just taken on, it’s far too easy to get stuck gathering information without taking any real action. To help dig yourself out of this information overload, the first thing you’ll need to do is stop researching. 

Just step back from what you’re working on and allow yourself to regain your energy and focus.

It sounds like the opposite thing to do. Especially at a time when you want to show your worth as a professional. That you can be just as productive as you were before the pandemic, if not more. But, if you find yourself in this position, you aren’t doing yourself any good. Realizing this, and taking a step back, is the best thing for your long-term well-being. 

Now, it isn’t practical, nor is it responsible to just step away from your work and duties without notice. And we certainly don’t recommend that. But, you’ll need to start by learning how to say no in the workplace. Do this to take control of the way you work and have the flexibility to give yourself this break when you need it.

This quick video will help you learn how to do this, without the guilt that usually follows.

How to say no without feeling guilty!

Being able to say no will prevent you from burnout as you head back into the workplace. It’ll help you give yourself the flexibility to step away when you find yourself getting buried in information consumption.

2. Take Action to Prevent Burnout 

You’ll feel like you don’t have all the information you need for what you’re working on if you accomplish this. Either way, you must take some action on your plan. The impact of doing something immediately will help relieve the pressure from all the work you’ve been doing in research. This is because the weight of all the information you’ve been compiling has been put to some use.

Many hesitate on taking action because no one wants to look like a fool for taking the wrong step. But not taking action, can be just as harmful to your progress as taking the wrong action. It’s very easy to get so worried about the task at hand, that you simply freeze and quit. It’s all too easy to get discouraged and feel that your challenge of what you’ve taken on coming back into the workplace is too much to handle. 

The easiest way to take quick action on your challenges is to chop them down into smaller, bite-sized steps. Every project you’ll be working on or responsible for will have many different parts. If you tackle one piece at a time, you’ll end up completing your items in a new and innovative way. At the very least, you’ll learn something new about yourself in the process. 

This is what leads to many missed opportunities in the workplace. Most are usually looking for the shortcut, or worse, waiting for someone to help with whatever they’re stuck on because they’ve given up on trying to find a solution on their own. If any of this sounds like the way you used to work, and you’d like to go deeper to stop yourself from getting stuck in inaction, click here for a 30-minute roadmap presentation on overcoming this challenge.

3. Prevent Burnout by Using Routines to Relax

One of the benefits of the work-day before the pandemic was that it created a lot of routines that many of us came to take for granted. As you head back into the workplace, the key to creating a routine that helps you stay organized is creating one that matches your needs and lifestyle.

Many will take on the routines of our leaders, mentors, or the influences they follow, only to find that it doesn’t work in their actual day-to-day lives. Luckily, there’s a lot of information that can be used as guidelines for creating a routine that works for you. But before you go researching the best apps, tips, or tricks for crafting your perfect day, beware of getting stuck once again in information consumption

This quick video will help you cut the number of options you have in half as you re-enter the workplace. It will make it easier for you to build a routine that allows you to have your time for R&R.

The Bottom Line

As a working professional, you know exactly how challenging it is to stay focused in today’s world. It seems that things are noisier than ever. Tensions around the pandemic remain high as many are still impacted by the virus. As you re-enter the in-person workforce, it’s important to remember that your mental health and well-being are just as important as the social distancing measures that are in place to keep your physical health intact.

Although it’s certainly a challenge to stop yourself from burnout and taking on too much, it’s not impossible. With the proper guidance and practice, you can learn to live and work in a way that doesn’t get you stressed. Keep these 3 steps in mind. Practice them once in a while to help yourself get out of the trap when you’re taking on too much and reaching the point of burnout.

If you’ve practiced these 3 steps and find that you need just a little more help on keeping yourself balanced, then sign up for our group training workshop, Taking the Right Actions to Become Balanced and Productive

Jenkins Ebiware Jr is the Managing Director of Samex LLC. Passionate about technology and software development. It's his dream to help people make the right decisions for their personal lives, careers and businesses. Leading them to become highly performing individuals, leading highly profitable companies.

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