Creating a Focus Plan

In previous articles, we examined the time killers that make us less productive. We also discussed tips and techniques to help improve your focus. Now let’s create an action plan to improve focus and productivity. Research says it takes 4 weeks to develop a new habit. Let’s break down our plan into four weeks. Week

Focus Maximizers

The burnout is real. We can come up with a lot of great ideas for being more productive, but it won’t be helpful if you get burnout and quit. Here are some helpful hints to help you manage your time and hopefully decrease your chances of burnout. Compact Your Daily To-Do List Created a to-do

Focus Hacks

Your time is valuable. Not being able to focus can have a negative effect on how successful we are at work and in our personal lives. Focus is a skill that we develop by training and practice. Productivity requires intention and strategy to help make your time work for you! Here are a few important

Identifying Focus Killers

We live in an era of information overload. We are bombarded with media, technology, entertainment, and notifications every day. It seems there are hundreds of people and things competing for your attention at any given time. There is no wonder why in the last few years, our attention spans have become shorter and our ability

Perfectly Imperfect

This article is dedicated to all you perfectionists out there. Yeah, you know who you are. 😉 If you’re anything like I was, you find yourself spending extra time tweaking and improving on things that doesn’t really add value to your business.  It’s easy to get caught up in wanting everything to be perfect. This

Holding Yourself Accountable

If you’ve been reading our previous articles, hopefully by now you have ideas as to how to create an organized system that will boost productivity and help you place a value on your time.  If not, make that your top priority.  And your second? Hold yourself accountable when you mess up. If you’re struggling to

Eliminating Distractions

In an earlier article, I talked briefly about the importance of eliminating distractions. Well, believe me, this topic deserves an article all on its own.  You now understand the effectiveness of chunking and that by implementing this into your workweek you’ll get more done in less time, but we need to dig a little deeper.

The Truth Behind Procrastination

Every single one of us can waste time either intentionally or not, but when it comes to building a successful business, often it’s far more of a subtle beast that we need to conquer: it’s our own fears. When you’re dealing with self-doubt, everything feels a lot more difficult than it is. We find a

Chunking 101

For years, I would fire up the laptop and start my day doing several different things at once.  I’d check email, then maybe do some writing, then head over to social media, and then back to email yet again. This cycle cost me valuable time, and while I thought I was proficient at multi-tasking, the

The Critical Shift

One of the reasons so many people seem to struggle to gain traction in their business is entirely due to the way they manage their daily activities.  This typically points to one major problem: People are stuck in an employee mindset! They’re so used to that 9-5 grind that they aren’t equipped to adopt an