Samex LLC, a management and strategy consulting company that works to provide a clear path to sustainable growth for technology companies, today announces that the worldwide email marketing service Constant Contact has selected Samex’s artificial intelligence-powered tool TiTAN as its business development platform of choice. With automated technology that works to establish and foster high-value
There are countless books and courses available online that describe what feels like a long and exhaustive process for creating a unique and memorable brand. I’ll admit it can get overwhelming and downright frustrating when you’re just getting a business off the ground while trying building a killer brand that will stand out. The truth
As a business leader, it’s almost expected that your workload will get heavier as your business grows.  If you want to avoid becoming overwhelmed and burning out, then you’ll need to find a way to continue growing while keeping your workload the same. Or, better yet, find a way to work less and still grow
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Major Hacks For Stress Relief

There’s no shortage of stress in the world today. Everyone’s dealing with some form of stress in their life, and it’s not always easy to find relief. Family and work obligations, personal goals, financial challenges; it can seem never-ending. Add to that the stress of the pandemic with quarantine, layoffs, and the overall public health
How to define your brand message

How To Define Your Brand Message

If you’re in business, chances are, you already know the importance of building a trusted and unique brand. I’m sure you’ve also heard words like “brand awareness” and “brand recognition”. These are synonymous with gaining a strong place in your market, especially when there are thousands of other businesses competing for your customer’s attention. There’s
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How to use A.I. For Smarter Marketing Campaigns, campaign
At its core, artificial intelligence and machine learning are all about evolving. These technologies are designed to use the gigabytes and terabytes of data that we create each day to make more accurate decisions. This technology has been applied to facial recognition. It wasn’t very precise in its infancy but then evolved after years of