Communication is your best tool for explaining your ideas, setting expectations, and building your team.

What Not To Do With Your Leads

Anyone that works in sales knows just how important it is to have lead sources to keep your pipeline filled. But it is not only how we obtain the leads that is important, it's what we do with them once we get them.
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Help your customers make informed purchasing decisions!
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These are simple and effective methods to increase your sales. You may think that you know what your customer wants, but do you really? Instead of assuming that you know, why not listen to the customer and ask questions to find out what it is that they REALLY want.
Every day in sales and business is critical. That lead you receive today, could very well be in the hands of your competition tomorrow.
There are several reasons why consultants ultimately lose deals they should have won. Unless your portfolio is poor, consultants lose contracts because they either didnt listen or they didnt speak effectively to convey what services they could offer, that would help the client reach their goals. Here are a few tips to help you sell
In challenging times like what we’re all facing now, it can be testing to think that there is greatness in the world, or yourself. You can find greatness everywhere, and if you wanted to create a list of great people, it would be endless. But what exactly makes a person great? What unique qualities do
Do you ever get the feeling that your life isn’t panning out quite the way it was meant to? Do you ever feel as though you’re perhaps not taking full advantage of your freedom, of your health, of your youth?  We read stories, watch films, and play computer games that feature brave and bold heroes
First and foremost, what is a virtual summit? A virtual summit is an online conference that allows attendees from around the world watch and learn from a live event. A virtual summit has a variety of 5 or more guest speakers, discussing topics within a particular niche or industry. The summit is often free for
There are only so many hours in the day, making the most of your time is critical. Two ways you can get more done in less time; work longer and harder, or work smarter. Being more productive does require you to be more deliberate when it comes to managing your time. Getting more done in