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In a previous article, I discussed the power of pricing and positioning. As a business, your price structure plays a vital role in your ability to convert a prospect into a customer. In that article, I dove deep into how to position your product or service to attract customers and set yourself apart. Today, we’ll
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When you’re looking to fill a position within your organization, hiring the right person is vital to ensuring your business’s smooth operation and boosting your other employees’ morale. There’s nothing worse for you or your company than hiring someone and later discovering that their personality or skills aren’t a good fit. The new hire leaves
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If you’re in business, sales, or marketing, you’ve likely heard about the power of pricing strategies and positioning. Your price structure plays a vital role in your ability to convert a prospect into a loyal customer. Positioning your business correctly in the market is just as important. It’ll allow you to better tailor your offerings
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Emotional intelligence is a critical key to success in any business, relationship, and life in general. When it comes to finding success in everything you do, many people mistakenly believe that your IQ has a direct correlation to your success. We’ve spent a significant part of our lives in school, diligently studying, taking exams, and
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Many of us have heard the phrase “survival of the fittest.” This is the idea that only those that can handle change and cope with adversity in a particular situation will survive. In other words, being adaptable is necessary, and it can mean the difference between your success or failure as a leader and in
When you’re at the helm in the workplace, a lot of responsibility lies directly on your shoulders. A large part of that responsibility can motivate your employees. This is something you have to do if you want your team to succeed. However, many leaders find this to be a very daunting task. To simplify things