About the Organization

The client, a leading provider of talent solutions, transforms the way organizations acquire talent in order to deliver immediate and last impact. Their solutions help secure talent in a rapidly changing employment landscape. Through a recruitment support partnership, Samex supported Preferhired in their efforts to build long-term retention with their recruitment professionals.

About their Obstacles

Today, information is simply a Google search away. Giving us access to more and more information with the simple click of a button. In a time when the great resignation and quiet quitting were the primary headlines, the influx of new information in the world of talent acquisition led to a decrease in productivity, an increase in stress and a significant decline in mental well being.  Understanding and preventing information overload in the workplace can have a significant impact on the long-term well being of your employees. Here are some of the top ways that Preferhired leveraged our TiTAN LMS and pre-made training programs to build retention by reducing information overload.

Reduced Procrastination

Through lessons and practice on time management, strategic planning and execution, employees transformed their stress management methods. Strengthened their discipline through hands-on activities to gain mastery of processes. Learned how to overcome obstacles and develop habits that allowed for consistent levels of productivity in changing work environments.

Increased Creativity in Problem Solving

Switching between tasks and trying to juggle multiple responsibilities at once is a symptom of information overload that hampers creativity. Through assessments and discussions, employees learned to avoid fragmemented days filled with activities, meetings and group discussions. Learned how to protect time and only focus on a single activity for a significant part of their day and collaborate when only necesary. The result was reduced workplace stress and increased quality of execution and output.

About their Outcomes

The scope of the impact of information overload is extensive and can impact the ability to create a balanced and productive workplace in different ways. Through the use of our TiTAN LMS and our on-demand productivity programs, the client was able to achieve the following outcomes.

Chaos to Calm

With constant stress and clutter, it's impossible to be productive. Through the use of our platform and programs, employees learned to build routines and habits for maximizing their work days. Developed techniques for staying calm through tense interactions, strengthen workplace relationships and build a support network to help balance the workload to meet tight deadlines.

Commitment to Excellence

When you have a workplace where projects are properly balanced and people are able to dedicate time to strategically growing their career, you have a workplace where people choose to be authentic and work with integrity in shaping your culture. Through the use of our platform and programs, employees dedicated themselves to specific career journeys to grow in their roles and move the organization forward in its mission.

Feedback About The TiTAN LMS Learning Experience

"I thrive on change and innovation and was really exited to get into this program. The potential impact on my department's discipline was very valuable.  The training experience was great and it was very user friendly. A lot of planning went into the delivery of our material and the learning process was flexible in case you missed some points." 

- Dimitra A. Recruitment Sourcing Specialist


Planning for Success

Discover how workplace training can transform your culture to create long-term growth and retention.