About the Organization

The client, a cloud-based business analytics company that provides a platform for marketers, CEOs, analysts and decision makers to view various key performance indicators and generate reports through a single interface. Through a strategic alliance partnership, Samex supported Databox with on-boarding clients and understanding how artificial intelligence and machine learning can impact sales and marketing performance.

About their Obstacles

Machine learning is a concept that a lot of organizations don't fully understand. Machine learning describes how computers learn, which effectively means how computers identify patterns in large data sets. Understanding how to leverage this technology can make a great difference in increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction. Here are some of the top ways that Databox leveraged our TiTAN LMS and pre-made training programs to help their clients adopt machine learning and intelligent analytics to improve their sales and marketing performance.

Increased Understanding of Customer Behavior

Through lessons on data analysis, report creation and practice with Databox's dashboards, customers learned how to make sense of all the data collected by their websites. Clients learned how to analyze patterns of behavor across millions of customers, and leveraged the knowledge gained through our learning experiences to start making recommendations at the right time, with the right products in order to increase customer retention.

Improved Customer Support

Being able to track the behavior of customers over long periods, understand their spending habits and their likelihood of making particular purchases is extremely valuable for organizations focused on growth. Through assessments and discussions, clients learned how to maximize their use of Databox's analytics platform and extract the necessary knowledge to answer questions, give advice, and even suggest recommendations. 

About their Outcomes

Being smart in business means knowing what's just around the corner. Thinking ahead and preparing for inevitable changes that will impact operations is what allows businesses to be resilient and thrive in a changing environment. Through use of our TiTAN LMS and our learning experiences, the client was able to guide their customers to the following outcomes.

Smarter Marketing Campaigns

Developing and executing sales and marketing campaigns that are engaging, attention grabbing and well suited to your audience is every sales leader's dream. Through use of our platform and programs, customers of Databox were able to properly determine the demographic and psychographic characteristics of their ideal buyers, and use that information to build highly targeted and highly visible sales and marketing assets.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Collecting data based on a company's key performance indicators (KPIs) and transforming that data into actionable insights ia s crucial element of modern business strategy. Through the use of our platform and programs, leaders at the client organizations of Databox, gained an understanding of why any business decision needs to start with the goals of the business at the core. They learned how to find and present relevant data, draw conclusions, plan their strategy, measure success and repeat to achieve their goals for growth.

Feedback About the TiTAN LMS Learning Experience

"As a VP of Sales with a high level of success building strong relationships inside the company and with clients. This experience REALLY helped me build a transparent, highly collaborative sales platform that enables everyone in the organization to add value to the sales effort. The structure of the learning was really helpful as it gave an insight into the best practices for using Databox and helped me get an idea of exactly how to find the information needed  prior to making a decision. Really great."

- David B., VP of Sales


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