About the Organization

The client, a computer vision consulting company, provides robust and enterprise-ready Vision AI solutions that can scale with customer needs. Their solutions help automate manufacturing, retail, and security areas. Through a recruitment alliance partnership, Samex supported Visionify with their recruitment and on-boarding of engineers and architects to support the growth and retention of their development teams in India.

About their Obstacles

When it comes to workplace happiness, most organizations get in their own way. The biggest obstacle that many organizations face with workplace satisfaction is low emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage emotions. How leaders and employees manage their feelings at work can make all the difference in the organization's growth. Here are some of the top ways that Visionify leveraged our TiTAN LMS and pre-made training programs to strengthen emotional intelligence in their recruitment process.

Improved Communication

Through lessons and practice on deep and focused listening, employees transformed their communication methods. Strengthened their ability to focus their mind and attention on asking clarifying questions to help gain a better understanding of the subject of the conversation. Learned how to summarize feedback and confirm that the information received is an accurate portrayal of the conversation. 

Increased Personal Responsibility

The habit of seeking others to blame when deadlines aren't met creates behaviors and emotions that lead to lost time, morale and perspective that could help create a more enjoyable work experience. Through assessments and discussions, employees learned to avoid blaming others for project failures or gaps in client support. Taking ownership of issues and learning how to ask for help and assistance.

About their Outcomes

The scope of emotional intelligence is extensive and covers a variety of aspects that impact the ability to create a balanced and productive workplace, or build strong everyday leaders. Through the use of our TiTAN LMS and our career journeys, the client was able to achieve the following outcomes.

Open Communication and Expression

When you have a workplace where people are confident about speaking their minds, expressing their emotions, and exchanging views without retribution, you have a workplace that is demonstrating high emotional intelligence. Through the use of our platform and programs, employees were now able to express themselves more openly. 

More Flexibility in the Workplace

Emotionally intelligent leaders understand the changing demand and are prepared to work with their employees rather than trying to restrict how people do their work. They don't expect everybody to work the hours that they do, live by the same values, or hold the same priorities. Through the use of our platform and programs, leaders gained an understanding of why oroviding some flexibility with the way people work can mean the difference between retaining the best talent and having high turnover. 

Feedback About The TiTAN LMS Learning Experience

"As an impactful and collaborative leader, I throw myself into projects and enjoy being involved directly, seeing projects through from beginning to end. As a project leader, I believe in delivering high-quality products over quantity. The digital tutorial was concise and dispensed valuable nuggets of wisdom on emotional intelligence and managing my growing team. 

Overall, the platform provided short summaries with real-world examples in each lesson. Plus, I appreciated the experience of short explanations for each learning point to help me follow along. This allowed me to effectively understand the ideas communicated and apply what I learned in different use cases."

- Chandra Paul B., Senior Project Manager


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