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By London Incubator Center 10 February, 2024 0 Comment Growth & Marketing

5 Copywriting Strategies to Convert More Visitors Into Customers

Few digital publishing businesses fully recognize the power of good writing. A well-written sales script is very often THE difference between a conversion rate of 10% and a conversion rate of 0.0001%. This is your opportunity to convince people to buy from you. To explain to them why your product or service matters, and to hold their attention.

How do you do it? Here are five strategies that make a big difference.

Be Clear and to the Point
“Vantage media uses innovative thought-leadership and a collaborative attitude to push forward into new frontiers! We provide cloud based solutions for small-to-medium businesses that want to see real change in their strategy and mindset.”

What’s wrong with this opening? Simple: it doesn’t tell the audience what they need to know. Specifically: what your business does and why they should care! Too often, we get caught up trying to “sound professional” or show off, and fill our content with jargon and nonsense.

In the worst case scenarios, you can come away from a homepage none-the-wiser as to what the business is actually offering or what it does! Good sales copy and copywriting in general doesn’t deal in flowery language but rather communicates CLEARLY what the business does. And it gets there quickly.

Use Storytelling
Storytelling is “SEO for the human brain.” We are hardwired to respond well to stories: they engage us and keep us reading, and they motivate, inspire, and influence us. If you want to make sure that people don’t leave your sales pitch halfway through, then find ways to relate to it personally and create a narrative around it.

Use Split Testing
A split test means creating two slightly different versions of your copy to see which one sells best. This way, you can test different headers, different opening lines, etc. This allows you to see what is actually working, rather than be led by subjective opinions.

Add Social Proof
Including stats, figures, and quotes can make a big difference to your sales. Not only does this back up what you’re saying and give you much more credibility, but it also creates social influence: people think that this is now what everyone is doing. And when everyone is doing something, we always want to get involved right away!

Find the Value Proposition
Most important of all, is to find the value proposition. That means understanding what it is about your product that is going to drive sales. This should mean finding the emotional hook and getting your audience to imagine how their life could be better as a result of buying from you.

You aren’t selling a fitness book: you’re selling an amazing, ripped body. You aren’t selling an app that handles web design: you’re selling a more beautiful, modern, and efficient website. You’re selling the dream of a successful business!

You need to understand this because it is ultimately emotion that drives sales. Not logic. So get your audience excited for the future you are offering! Join our Strategic Growth Network for more tips on how to convert your visitors into customers.

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