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A survey of CEOs from small- to medium-sized businesses (conducted by Vistage, an executive coaching company) found that artificial intelligence is quickly becoming an important part of business processes. 

In that survey, 29.5% of business leaders said that AI, of all new technologies, would have the greatest impact on their business in the next year. 

In the finance industry, some of the lenders have already started using AI or machine learning to improve the risk assessment process. 

But you don’t have to look toward the future to see what artificial intelligence can do for you now. With an active-learning neural network at it's core, TiTAN Ops' suite of tools can offer you several benefits, including:

  • Lowering costs
  • Reducing risk
  • Reducing time spent on tasks
  • Increasing results
  • Improving flexibility and responsiveness

Here are four specific areas where TiTAN Ops can help you grow and manage your business:

Improving sales and marketing—Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are designed to collect customer information from communication channels like phone, email, and social media. 

The goal is to help improve and even automate the sales process. 

TiTAN Ops helps small businesses analyze the data from those communication channels and then adjust lead generation activities and marketing based on that information. 

Our CRM's Lead Engine can help you generate more leads for the same amount of marketing spend. We also show how TiTAN Ops can be used to gather marketing- and sales-relevant insights to optimize the entire customer acquisition process.

Streamlining human resources tasks—TiTAN Ops tools are available to not only streamline the hiring and “onboarding” processes, but also gather information from new employees that helps HR improve those processes. And both of these can have a major impact on your bottom line. 

And once that candidate is brought onboard, the software can help educate employees with questions about company benefits or policies. 

This can reduce the time you spend on the hiring process and increase the number of high-quality candidates you see, since you just don’t have the time to wade through all those applications yourself. 

It then reduces the amount of time HR spends on answering questions from your new employees.

Service and Support—Sleep easy, knowing that your team has the built-in support module. Help your customers help themselves, with embedded links and training videos. Automated responses and elevation to take the load off your support team. Private ticket staff notes, ticket assignments, attachments, predefined ticket replies.

Productivity and Goal Management—Create alignment and engagement in your organization around measurable goals. Encourage focus, discipline and apply a simple, fast-cadence process that engages each team member’s perspective and creativity on every project you run.

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