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Operations & Process Improvement

We’ve all heard the saying “Work smarter, not harder” » and the most successful leaders and business owners have really mastered this idea. It's almost expected that your workload will get heavier as your operations grows. If you want to avoid burnout and being overwhelmed in your role and organization, then you’ll need to find a way to continue growing while keeping your workload and that of your team the same. Or, better yet, find a way to work less and still grow your business. Samex's B3 Toolkit starts by helping you identify and strengthen these three areas, with an operational methodology to keep you and your team focused, balanced and productive.

Automating Workloads

One of the best ways to free up your time is to make use of automation tools. You can automate everything from social media scheduling/posting to reputation monitoring: link building, meetings and appointments, email lists, sales, and customer support. If you find yourself stressed over a particular part of your work or how much you have to do, remember that there’s an automation tool for almost anything you can think of.

Limit Background Noise

Access to the internet has brought a lot into our worlds: convenience, social networking, and the ability to work from just about anywhere. But, with this convenience comes an extraordinary amount of stress. Just think about the last time you sat down to complete a task for your business. Your mobile device probably distracted you. And that means you weren’t fully focused on what you were working on.

We’ve become almost numb to the sound of notifications going off on our phones and tablets; Incoming emails, alerts, and a myriad of other online signals that pull our attention in a hundred different directions. Now that many of us work from home and online, the constant incoming noise can leave you overwhelmed and stressed. You may feel pressured to respond to customers quickly, or you find yourself always having to refocus your attention because you have so many things happening at once. This is what many refer to as information overload, and a foundational element that the B3 Toolkit helps you overcome.

Role-Specific Skill Development

Everyone has unique strengths and weaknesses. There will be some things you absolutely hate doing, and others that you’ll love. Find people who love to do the things you hate, believe me, they exist! The key to having a finely tuned working environment is strengthening the skills necessary for your roles and finding people who can compliment the weaknesses.


Getting Lasting Results

How successful you and your team are with becoming balanced and productive can have a direct impact on the success and growth of your operations. With many technology tools now available, you can tap into business automation tools. These will automate many of your daily processes so you can free up more of your time. 

Before you undertake any strategy to improve the management of your team, start with our Strategic Expansion Toolkit to make sure you can effectively build the foundations for a highly productive workforce.

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