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For the professional or new entrepreneur feeling stuck in your career and considering making a change »  this professional growth and development experience will help you make the best career decisions you've ever made.


Use This 3 Step B3 Strategy To Start Managing and Growing Your Career, And Watch As You Find Greater Happiness In Your Work and New Opportunities Waiting For You.




Many of us have a terrible work-life balance. Especially with the increase of technology and work-related messaging coming straight to our pockets, blurring the lines between work and personal time. This constant struggle between trying to find balance under the pressure to be always engaged at work can really wreak havoc on your quality of life.


The solution to this problem seems simple: become your own boss and start your own business, right?


This solution might also look more attractive if you have valuable industry knowledge, a lot of connections, and/or an idea that a lot of people could potentially want. However, here are the facts:

    • 20% of businesses will fail in the first 2 years
    • 45% of businesses will fail in the first 5 years
    • 65% will fail in the first 10 years
    • 25% of new businesses will make it to 15 years or more
    • (Source: Investopedia)

Only 1 in 4 people who start a business make it beyond 15 years! So, if you're thinking in terms of a long-term career, entrepreneurship might not be the path for you.


Samex LLC is here to help you develop the skills for leading and growing your career, while making sure you maintain the work-life balance you've been dreaming of!


What you'll get in this program are methodologies developed from over 20 years of experience researching entrepreneurs and employees. Studying the great successes and the painful failures. Guiding professionals from working in corporate roles to becoming successful millionaire entrepreneurs. Also guiding entrepreneurs that have had to close their doors and move on from their dreams.


So we've developed this program to help people achieve that work-life balance and growth in their careers, without falling into the traditional traps that stop 3 out of 4 entrepreneurs from becoming successful.


It's called B3


Imagine having the freedom to wake up without the alarm clock. To be able to work the way you want; while still being able to build your career and experience as a professional. Continue reading and you'll learn how this program will do that for you in 3 steps.


When you apply the 3 methodologies you'll gain in this event, you'll have the building blocks for growing in your current role, or taking the mantle of leadership in a new one..


Not only will you have an understanding of why you might be stuck, or why your career or why your professional development has plateaued, but you'll end this experience with a 12-month road-map of the exact steps to take to grow in your position, or succeed in a new one.


Before you continue, we understand the industry is saturated with motivational programs, leadership development programs.


But what you'll learn in this event has not only transformed our own internal team members into high performing leaders, but has also provided career growth and an improved work/life balance for professionals across the world from startups to fortune organizations.



With the uncertainty around the pandemic, many of us suffer from information overload and the lines between work and life no longer exist for many.


This stress can sometimes seem unbearable. And it feels like the only way out is to quit what we're doing. Start a new job or go into business, with the hope that this next one will work and give you the breathing room you want in your life. 


Unfortunately, the majority of motivational information you'll find to help you get unstuck, motivate you into entrepreneurship, but leave you without a plan of what to do next.


In this program, you'll learn that getting your ideal role doesn't have to be stressful, nor do you have to work 60 hour days to EVENTUALLY have that freedom and take control of your career.


Instead, what you could do is learn how to use certain entrepreneurial methods. Applying the same growth strategies and tactics that specific organizations use, to give you more control, balance and freedom over how you work, and how your career grows.


This blueprint strategy has already been used in many different industries. Including automotive, business, health, marketing, data science, engineering, real estate, insurance, finance, and advertising.


It worked for a facilities administrator.


"The training was professionally structured and shares a very fruitful information on how to take actions towards your ideals. There are too many things which often limits people from going after their dreams and in this training everything is covered into details."
- Siyamdumisa Mzini

And a finance executive.


"The training has played an indispensable role is guiding my goals and the targets. It definitely acts as a catalyst to through assistance with regards to my growth."
- Ashton Dcosta

And a marketing executive


"The presenter was on point on how you can achieve your goals, clearly stated a step-by-step plan. I can feel the energy of the person behind the presentation, it was great he gives a real-life examples on how to overcome your fear in life.
Overall it was indeed a motivation to watch, makes you jump out of your bed and just go do the necessary to achieve what you really want in life."
- Charnel Estandian

We're confident that it works for anyone and any industry...and that it'll work for you too. By now you're probably wondering: What is this big business blueprint?


To answer that, we'll first have to uncover the three traps and myths that professionals in your position fall for.



One of the great things about entrepreneurship, is that it thrusts you into the role of a leader. However, for many, this isn’t a skill that comes naturally. But once you’ve mastered leadership, then you’re able to put things in place and work in a way that gives you a great work life balance.


At Samex, we've worked with professionals and entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds and experiences. Many who have had the habit of jumping in to work on tasks themselves, because it’s what they know.


These same professionals also find themselves shocked when they're overworked, but have people waiting for tasks to be assigned. Taking control of your career is going to mean eventually having to lead and manage others.


If you are someone who isn’t naturally inclined to leadership, then the thought of telling others what to do might make your skin crawl! But if you’re able to master being a leader, you’re able to give yourself a great work/life balance.


So entrepreneurship itself, isn’t what gives you the balance, it’s your ability to effectively lead. But this is something that you don’t have to go into entrepreneurship, to achieve.



Many professionals jump into entrepreneurship, eager to call themselves CEOs and Directors. In many industries, the traditional career trajectory can sometimes take decades to travel, so entrepreneurship is an appealing solution.


However, many take this path without the experience, the problem solving history to support their new title. Start by building a name for yourself by solving problems for others, then presenting yourself as an exceptional problem solver.


When you work on your personal brand in this order, you'll be able to write your own ticket. Find the job that gives you both the security and the freedom because you've earned it.


This is something that you also don't have to go into entrepreneurship to achieve.



Billion dollar valuations of startups make entrepreneurship an attractive way to get rich. However unless you're well connected with investors, or have a sizable savings, you'll most likely be broke for a while.


What you need to do instead, is learn to be persuasive and provide problem solving value. This is completely different from what many of us are used to; working as employees.


One of the best ways to start this habit, is treat your current role as if it were a commission-only job. Where you'd put in the work, provide value and then get your compensation based on how much value you provide.


Making this shift in thinking can also allow you to finally see the value you bring and lead you to find an employer that will pay you what you're worth.


This is also something that you don't have to go into entrepreneurship to achieve.


Regardless of the path you choose, entrepreneurship, staying in your current role or finding a new one, you'll need to have a clear plan of action that will get you to where you need to be. If you want to find a way to excel in your current role, or a new one then read on.


If you had a step by step plan that was proven to give you the work-life balance and freedom you’ve wanted. Whatever that is for yourself, would you follow it?


That is, you have a clear plan to build your experience, and the confidence to demand the freedom in your work; because you’ve proven yourself to be a problem solver.


Would you follow that plan?


If you answered yes to these questions, then we'd like to introduce you to the 3 step methodology that you'll learn in this program.


What you'll learn in this program.

The first step to taking control of your career growth is learning how to lead.


However, before you can take that first step towards becoming an influential leader, we'll help you master the key skills that are required, if you're going to be successful at motivating, inspiring and encouraging those around you.


The second step to taking control of your career is building your personal brand and establishing your credibility as a problem solver.


However, before you can build a really attractive and compelling personal brand, we'll help you discover what your unique selling proposition (USP) is. What sets you apart from everyone else in your professional landscape.



The third step to taking control of your career is managing your time and permanently shielding yourself from burnout. However, before you can do that, we'll help you understand the science of why burnout might be a recurring issue for you.


How You'll Learn

When you sign up, you'll start with a 1-on-1 mentoring session at a date and time of your choosing. In this meeting, we'll work together understand your challenges and map out your career growth plan. Then, you'll start with the first step: developing your leadership skills. 


Once you've completed this step, you'll unlock step 2. developing your personal brand. By now, you'll know how to conduct yourself as a leader. So, we'll focus on your professional image. 


Once you've completed this step, you'll unlock step 3: becoming balanced and productive. By now, you'll be a confident leader that knows how to command presence and gain attention. So, we'll focus on keeping you productive in your work and preventing you from burning out. 


Once you've completed step 3, you'll unlock a final 1-on-1 mentoring session, where I'll review your progress, growth. We'll also send you off with a 12-month plan you can use to keep practicing these methodologies on your own.


But Wait, there's More

To support your learning in each of the three steps, you'll also get guided home-study courses to gain advanced knowledge on the methodologies you'll be learning.


Focused Leader

A 5-day on-demand home study course in project management and executive leadership. With this program, you'll come to understand the fundamentals of project management. How to properly assign tasks, manage meetings and lead teams through practical exercises.


Extreme Branding Strategies

A 5-day on-demand home study course in personal brand building. With this program, you'll come to understand color psychology, how to gain credibility and position yourself properly. How to properly navigate LinkedIn, form connections and establish yourself as a problem solver.


Mastering Productivity

A 5-day on-demand home study course in time management and productivity. With this program, you'll learn how to quite the noise, (both internal and external) that gets in the way of your ability to be productive. We'll spend a little more time on starting and finishing projects, improving your follow-through, and you'll leave with apps for managing your schedule.