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What college students, career professionals and entrepreneurs have to say about their B3 experience.

Alainah Shah

The biggest takeaway from this exercise was the importance of leaderships in various corporate settings and the valuable characteristics which can accompany a good and bad leader. The way I would reiterate this message to someone in my current position is that the concept of being a leader doesn't revolve around having the traits of a dictator but rather taking on the challenges to become an effective leader through enhancing communication and being supportive to those that look up to you. Leadership is definitely a title that can be learnt, it does not have to be a naturally born trait.

Syndey, NSW. Australia

Colin Buckingham

The things I learned from this exercise is the value of both leadership and teamwork. Training employees in a welcoming and respectful environment is of paramount importance in growing a successful business. I have learned how important leadership is in any business model. Leadership should be seen at all levels of skill and training. A respectful workplace can demonstrate that everyone has things to learn from one another and can help improve morale at work as well as effectiveness.

Vancouver, BC. Canada

Harveen Chahal

I learned how to be a better leader. How to stand out and get others to follow. How to be the type of leader others appreciate. Lastly how to be a successful leader and motivate your followers.

Fraser Health Authority. Surrey, BC. Canada

Gagan Sharma

I learnt the key skills to be an effective leader. Not to micromanage people. Also to be an effective leader, the leader should be passionate , disciplined in order to influence the team.

Assistant Director of Admissions, CDI College. Vancouver, BC. Canada

Thomas Fehr

My biggest take away was the importance of leadership and the delegation of tasks. What it means to be a good leader is not always as straightforward as one would think..

FXFlat. Düsseldorf, Germany

Lauren Zeraldo

My biggest takeaways from this exercise would be that one of the most important shifts in mindset to consider when analyzing what makes a good leader would be to utilize the skills of other people. This point really resonated with me because, we live in such a diverse and ever-changing world, and human beings are such complex vessels, each with varying skills and abilities. I find that a lot of organizations adopt the mindset of a one size fits all approach, and seem to forget that no two people are exactly alike, and each person brings a different skill and strength to their role. Using people's skills to their fullest potential really allows for extreme productivity to take place.

First National Financial. Toronto, ON, Canada

Ben Eraze

What I learned from the exercise was that in order to be an effective leader you must be able to inspire a team to work efficiently and also be able to utilize the abilities of your team members to reach a specific goal.

If I were speaking to someone in my current position I would explain to them that leadership is a skill, and like all skills it takes time and patience. Leadership involves being able to understand and handle different personalities and character types. Attempts at leadership will not always yield the desired results, but it will force you to learn new ways to understand others and how they think, learn and operate as individual persons.

These are my biggest takeaways from this exercise..

University of Toronto Press. Toronto, ON. Canada

Mcroniel Roldan

Being a young college student, I've been surrounded by so much motivational noise. It's become a recent realization that all these motivational speeches that I've ever heard have done nothing but gotten my heart racing and my mind focused and ecstatic over the idea of becoming a better person. I know this sounds great but there is no real help coming from these speeches, no given actions I can take to actually better myself.

The training given in the Everyday Leadership presentation has not only beaten most of the motivational speeches but has also managed to give me a roadmap of actions that I can take to actually better my present self. As shown in the presentation, knowing your starting point is an important part that everyone knows about. It's a clear vision of your end goal that really sets apart those who become hyper-successful in their goals. The Everyday Leadership presentation has hit me with such a sudden realization and given me an "Aha!" moment that motivates me and gives me a roadmap to take that motivation through.

Such a motivating, simple concept and wonderful lessons, given in half the time compared to your average leadership coach or motivational speaker.

Dublin. Ireland

Siyamdumisa Mzini

The training was professionally structured and shares a very fruitful information on how to take actions towards your ideals. There are too many things which often limits people from going after their dreams and in this training everything is covered into details.

As a person of ideas, its crucial that you understand your drive behind wanting to be successful. A business plan is suggested to be the most important tool in understanding your drive behind your idea, and also how you are planning to achieve everything.

Facilities Administrator, Redefine Properties. Cape Town, South Africa

Lucresha Salie

This training was absolutely amazing. The process that was explained to become an expert in your business was illustrated in real-life scenarios. These actions that need to be taken are precise and clear to reach your goals. This has rejuvenated my spirit again. This past few months I have felt very demotivated the Everyday Leadership presentation has opened my eyes again and I feel more motivated now than ever.

I believe that this is an opportunity to help many achieve their goals. Personally, I love helping and assisting people and this has is such a great way to help businesses. This has motived me today to see things yet in another light. If you want to change your life today then watch this Everyday Leadership presentation.

London, UK.

Komal Sarna

The training I have taken was enlightening on how to achieve goals in life through planning and and staying true to your goals, and everything said was nothing but the facts. This was an educational presentation, that lifts one's spirit in setting their goals right. I also found it inspirational as personal struggles and goals were shared by the young man.

After the presentation I feel that I  have taken the right path in what I'm currently enrolled in, in life and I'm motivated that no matter how much strong my WHY is, there will be someone who will always be much better, smarter and stronger than me, but that shouldn't stop me from achieving what I want to achieve.

Faridabad, Pakistan

Nosipho Cebekhulu

The training program was motivational and persuasive. The speaker followed a structured approach to enlighten us. It included a step-by-step process that one can follow to be successful. It gave me a direction to move forward. I have defined my purpose of success, identified my goal, and the right person to approach.

Durban, South Africa

Pooja Surana

The presentation was very inspiring - not just on a professional level, but also on a personal level & is applicable to all areas of life! The distinguishing factor was that it not only specified the actions to focus on, but also on the roadblocks which often create barriers for us.  All of us work hard but not necessarily smart which hampers our efficiency & energy levels. The training provides clarity on how can we prioritize our driving forces to enhance productivity. 

The energy level of the speaker was remarkable - he was able to communicate the feelings associated with the words very well. In addition to the vibe, the training greatly inspired me to put on my entrepreneurial hat &  priorities better to achieve my goals. I am looking forward to the experience!

Finance Executive. New Delhi, India

Prateek Kakkar

The training provided a very deep and actual meaning of how to succeed in life. In the sessions, the narrator has presented how to move to success and steps to use in everyday life. If we follow these steps each and every day by one step at a time it will be very helpful. These actions help us to maintain proper discipline and influence over others. The presentations were very impactful and gave me a very good idea as to what to do when I fall apart and loose.

Management Trainee, JLL. Chas, Jharkhand, India.

Shingirai Nyamayedenga

I've gotten to understand what it takes to run a business, how to achieve your goals and how to get out of your comfort zone. I've gotten to understand the sacrifices needed to make it in business and the skills necessary to be successful

Assistant Manager Cape Town, South Africa.

Sreenidhin K.

I would like to thank you for providing excellent training session.and this is very valubale training for me. I really enjoyed and appreciated that you made it so much fun thru out the session. I feel much better to deal with issues we find in business. Thank you so much for your personable presentation.

Director, Syena Kitchen Concepts Manufacturing. Bengaluru, India.

Avnish Singh

The presentation guides us to go the extra mile and not to be just content with what we have. We should always try to go the extra mile and take the risks by comng out of our comfort zone and show the world what we believe in.

One should have a clear cut map of from where he/she is starting and where the journey will end, what vehicle a business aim requires. Whole plan and short-term-goals should be in the mind. Thank you!

Bengaluru, India.

Suhani Swamy

Everyday leadership honestly speaks for itself, it is insighful as it not only encourages to take an action but also provides a guide to evaluate one's motivations and interests and how to inculcate the leadership skills to grow and sustain a business. It indeed moves you to take the step which one might be holding oneself from taking by analysing the various perceptions or thoughts that could possibly be life changing.

The speaker talks about identifying one's innate advantages and motivations to plan an action towards the goal, to change the idea into reality. An idea of a successful bussiness only remains a thought until one takes the first step or the starting point towards the end goal one and the only way to turn a vision into reality is to work out the plan and achieve small milestones set towards the end game which inturn can be rewarding and self motivating and provide more enthusiasm towards attaining the substantial goal set for the business .

Most importantly the presentation has also thrown light onto seizing the right opportunity that resonates with the vision of the business and the provides a deep understanding of the entrepreneural skills required to run a business successfully.

Process Advisor, Barclays Shared Services. New Delhi, India.

Soujanya P.

In this training I have to learnt how to be happy, self motivated, and how to be successful in life. They said about self belief in leadership. If we have self belief, we will achieve anything. This series motivated me so much after this I got confidence to achieve something in business. Very satisfied with this training, I am looking forward to more.

Columbus, OH. United States.

Shobhit Verma

First of all, the trainer seems like a very brilliant person, as he exactly knew how to engage with the audience. I got attracted to the training initially; as I kept on listening, the content became very engaging. The way of introducing the topics was remarkable. Not only this but also the way of explaining the topics and giving the examples was extraordinary. The topics chosen were very appropriate and provided great knowledge regarding business development. A person who wants to start his own business and take it to heights would get good guidance from this video. Moreover, this video helped me a lot by educating me in the right manner. It kind of showed me a path that I need to walk on, and it would be very helpful for me in the upcoming future. I hope to keep getting this guidance in the future too..

Digital Marketing Manager, Venice Red India Pvt. Ltd. Noida, India

Goutham V.

Extremely motivational! I now have a great sense of self-belief as a leader and feel like I am worth something just by going through this session. It was better than most motivational/inspirational videos or podcasts I've listened to. Many points were covered with great examples and true facts. Ended the session with a millionaire's mindset. Thank you!

Bangalore, India

Aadhar Chaturvedi

As an entrepreneur, I also believe in "Everyday Leadership". It is key to success and help in setting an example as a leader. This training has helped me to connect strongly with my inner thoughts like Self-Belief, Self Confidence and having a clearly defined plan, along with getting to know how to seize the opportunities. The part where I got to know how to reverse engineer my goals has been an enlightening find and gave me new prospective on how to identify the right opportunity for me.

I liked the training module as it was very intriguing and informative, specially the when the speaker gave example to put forward the points convincingly. After going through the presentation, I am feeling more motivated to move towards the path I have selected for myself and prove my self as an entrepreneur. I would sincerely recommend Everyday Leadership Presentation to all the budding entrepreneurs, I feel, it help them in making the right decisions and work on the areas to grow as a leader.

Assistant Sales Manager, EdPrime. Jaipur, India.

Mustafa Naeem

The training presentation was good and it felt great knowing the idea of Everyday Leadership and why is it important for us to succeed in life. Their is no other way to move forward than self belief. With self belief, a person can achieve Everyday Leadership. And that act of Everyday Leadership will ultimately change his life and transform him to a new level.

The message in the training regarding getting out of the comfort zone was quiet comprehensive. It showed the pathway to the barriers which stop a person from Everyday Leadership. Either the person accepts the way it is going and does not try to change or their is fear. The fear of failure which is created by the person himself. It never existed in the human being before.

Marketing Strategist. Lahore, Pakistan

Ashton Dcosta

The training has played an indispensable role is guiding my goals and the targets. It definitely acts as a catalyst to through assistance with regards to my growth.

JPMorgan Chase. New Delhi, India.

Makinana Thando

This is a training seminar on key points on how to build yourself by "Everyday Leadership" and over coming your own metal obstacles. This is not based on physical or mental but rather the combination of both and how these two aspects can enhance your ability to achieve your goals. The style of commentary is light-hearted story telling, which is easy to follow with the message and points raised being hard hitting. If you looking to make a difference in your own thinking, just a few moments of your time can definitely make a difference by taking part in this amazing presentation.

Amazon Development Centre. Western Cape, South Africa

Charnel Estandian

Upon watching the Everyday Leadership presentations, The presenter was on point on how you can achieve your goals, clearly stated a step-by-step plan. I can feel the energy of the person behind the presentation, it was great he gives a real-life examples on how to overcome your fear in life.

Overall it was indeed a motivation to watch, makes you jump out of your bed and just go do the necessary to achieve what you really want in life. Do not listen to naysayers and surround yourself with true successful individuals that will help you get from point A to point B of your journey to success. Thank you!

Tree Care Marketing Solutions. Metro Manila, Philippines

Mashudu Naome Nemutamba

The training was inspiring, it encourages and leaves one with a clear roadmap to achieve set goals. It clearly outlines the truth about people and their challenges as well as ways in which they can be overcome. It leaves you determined to do more and learn new things with perseverance.

The video sessions give you hope and courage that with hard work and investing enough time to learning new things and self discovery there is no hindrance strong enough to overpower your brains. It makes you want to start putting what it addresses in place already. I love how it leaves you anticipating on the freedom you have always dreamt of after you have put those things in practice. I am left with an urge and commitment to get out of my comfort zone, try and better myself to excellence.

SABC. Durban, South Africa.

Amita George

First and foremost, this was a great opportunity to train and learn with an up and coming consulting organization. The 5 step action plan for my business was certainly extremely motivational and compelling. I strongly feel that anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit will surely jump at the chance to take part in this experience. Every individual about to take on a new role, be it anywhere, will face a certain amount of fear and self doubt, and this leadership training certainly puts things into perspective.

The 5 part action plan really gives us a good roadmap to achieving our goals. In times and situations like these, what we really need are guides to help us view our course of action and see it through so that we too can become successful. Great stuff.

Innostus Inc. New Delhi, India

Guarav Kapoor

Training was excellent. It was very effective therefore I would definitely be interested in attending other sessions. The instructor was knowledgeable and provided wealth of information. I will be looking into taking more session like this in the near future. Thank you.

Owner, Bestin Enterprises. New Delhi, India

Sinethemba Nxumalo

My God! I could listen to this guy over & over &over! This is precisely what I needed to hear, just the right words to get me to remember my why. I liked the part where he spoke about other people being lucky enough to get God-given talents and others not being lucky enough but that still shouldn’t determine whether or not a person can accomplish a task and it shouldn’t deter you from achieving your goals. Whether or not you succeed in life, solely depends on you and your mindset. Thanks for sharing, this was very helpful!

Edge Field Marketing. Durban, South Africa.

Michael Scavuzzo

The biggest takeaway is that leadership is something that can be learned. I want to become a better leader and mentor. Not only for myself but for everyone around me. This program can then be the foundation of where to start.

Counteract Balancing. Sarnia, ON.

Kelly Ratcliff

I learned that a lot of issues can be solved by management if they simply talk to their employees about issues and listen to them and work with them, they will have a better moral. Also by using people's skills where they are needed and where they are good at helps your company and people excel. Great!

PetSmart. Virginia Beach, VA. 

Daniela Juettner

I have learned that time is precious, good leaders have skills such as strategic thinking, people management, persuasion and influence, great communication and planning. This was unbelievably helpful.

Conecta Branding. Zürich, ZH.

Alberto Rocsoreanu

Everyday leadership represents the structure and control over a group of people that match the requirements that you are looking for as well as maintaining a good atmosphere and making your team have ownership over their job giving them the right amount of confidence in order to complete their tasks. This is really the best way to staying focused and understand the basics of your business in order to become the best leader.

Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort. Zürich, ZH

Ye Alberga

From the topic of everyday leadership, and how to become a leader that people will follow, i learned a lot. It helped me combine my own knowledge and experience with the training program to help me realize how important the right emotions and attitudes are to leadership. I can learn more when the next event is ready and gain more practical experience to build my own leadership.!

Schaffhausen, CH

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