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Overcome the Work/Life Balance Challenge

Getting through the workday can be challenging. Sometimes it can feel as though there just isn't enough time to finish everything that you need to get done in a day. The shift to remote work revealed how blurred the lines between work and personal life has been. The constant struggle between trying to be engaged at work and the pressure to meet your personal obligations has lead a lot of professionals to reconsider the traditional career path.

For many the solution to this struggle is simple. Become your own boss and take control of your career growth by working for yourself. This solution is especially appealing if you have a lot of valuable industry knowledge, and a lot of personal and professional connections that can lead to a great opportunity.

“A simple plan can be more than enough to set things right for you.” - Vishal Ostwal

People who have control over their days and get more accomplished aren't superhuman. Instead, they've been able to master a few simple habits that allow them to find more fulfillment and satisfaction. Regardless of the path your choose, entrepreneurship or employment you will be faced with challenges that can dominate or derail your days.

Ultimately, your success in gaining freedom over your work boils down to how strong your foundation is and how well you overcome the #1 challenge that keeps professionals feeling stuck. If you're weighing the decision of entrepreneurship or employment, what can you do to take control of your career growth?

Through this online learning experience, you'll learn how to:

Get Unstuck

Understand why we lose control and explore the science behind how it really impacts your growth as a professional

Regain Control

Overcome the daily challenges that impact your ability to grow in your career

Build Focus, Resilience and Balance

Gain the confidence to work faster and become more focused, while creating balance and reducing stress

Introducing Taking Control of Your Career Growth!

The award winning career development experience that helps you take control of how you live and work. When you sign up for this experience, you'll not only receive an in-depth overview of the key skills for taking control of your career growth, you'll also explore a framework for earning an income by helping enterprises create balanced and productive workplaces.


-> Keynote training presentation on Taking Control of Your Career Growth

-> 3 short overview exercises on the framework for career growth

-> Exploration exercise on building a career creating balanced and productive workplaces

-> B3: Wheelhouse Leadership Development Activity Trial

The Powerful Practices That You'll Learn in This Career Development Experience

-> How to accomplish more, and reduce your everyday workplace stress

-> How to protect your time and reduce distractions

-> How to build the right skills for getting your dream role

-> How to build a long-term sustainable career


Who is this for?

This training experience is for anyone who wants to improve the way they work and live. Who wants to take control of how much they earn, without taking the risk of entrepreneurship. Become more focused while building confidence, balance and live life on your own terms.

How do I get into this event?

Your Taking Control experience begins immediately after registration. When you sign up, we'll guide you through a short 10 minute evaluation, which you can take right away. After your evaluation is complete, you'll gain access to the online mentoring system where you'll be able to join the keynote presentation, participate in the other exercises and games.

I just signed up but have not received an email yet?

Your receipt and confirmation will have information on how to begin your evaluation. After completing your evaluation, you'll receive an email with your access to the online mentoring system.

Taking Control Learning Experience

-> 10-minute career exploration evaluation

-> 1 Hour keynote training

-> 3 professional development exploration exercises

-> B3: Wheelhouse leadership development activity trial

-> Lifetime platform and lesson updates

Start Overcoming the Work/Life Balance Challenge

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