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Unlocking Leadership Potential

Leaders listen. They know they don't have all the answers, but instead use their influence to get the answers they need. People respond to good leadership. Those who always seem to know how to find the answers to problems, and have an incredible ability to get people to believe in them. However, this isn't the complete reality of what makes a great leader.

"There are three essentials to leadership: humility, clarity and courage." - Fuchan Yuan

Unlocking leadership skills, whether yourself or within your team is a great way to stand out, make yourself known, and attract attention in your organization for all of the right reasons. Ultimately, the best leaders are those who get results. And they do this by organizing and motivating a team of skilled professionals to get more accomplished by working collectively, than they would on their own. Your ability to accomplish this will greatly depend on how well you Motivate, Inspire and Encourage.

But where do you begin?

Build your influence through this online leadership development experience.

Through this self-paced learning experience, you'll learn how to:

Take Responsibility
Understand what's really involved with being a successful leader.

Build Emotional Intelligence
Learn how to strengthen your emotional intelligence, and how you handle the job of managing others

Motivate Your Team
Learn how to build a culture that reduces stress and inspires creativity

Build Your Communication Skills
Become more charismatic and command respect, while helping your team feel more valued

Introducing Everyday Leadership!

The award winning leadership development training experience that helps you build the right skills for becoming a great leader. When you sign up for this experience, you'll not only receive an in-depth overview of the key skills for becoming an influential leader, you'll also work through exercises designed to improve how you motivate, inspire and encourage others to be their best.

Keynote training lesson on the fundamentals of Everyday Leadership
5 active learning exercises on developing specific leadership skills
Digital activity for increasing decision making and logical reasoning

The Powerful Practices That You'll Learn In This Leadership Development Experience
-> How to speak in a commanding, charismatic manner and get people to stand up and take notice of you.
-> How to exude confidence, gain respect from anyone and deal with difficult members of a team
-> The common myths surrounding leadership and develop emotional intelligence and communicate effectively
-> How to inspire a team to take action and get people to work toward goals


1. Who is this for?
This training experience is for anyone who wants to build their confidence as a leader. Who wants to improve their ability to react quickly and gauge risk. Become more efficient with multi-tasking, while building patience and perseverance.

2. How do I get into this learning experience?
Your Everyday Leadership experience begins immediately after registration. When you sign up, we'll guide you through a short 10 minute evaluation, which you can take right away. After your evaluation is complete, you'll gain access to the online mentoring system where you'll be able to join the keynote training lesson, participate in the other exercises and activities.

3. I just signed up but have not received an email yet?
Your receipt and confirmation will have information on how to begin your evaluation. After completing your evaluation, you'll receive an email with your access to the online mentoring system.

Everyday Leadership Learning Experience
-> 15 minute vision & strategy evaluation
-> 1 Hour keynote presentation
-> 5 optional skill development exercises
-> Wheelhouse Digital leadership development activity.

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