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Workforce Acceleration

When you’re at the helm in the workplace, a lot of responsibility lies directly on your shoulders. » A large part of that responsibility is motivating your employees. This is something you have to do if you want your team to succeed. However, many leaders find this to be a very daunting task..

Employee motivation isn’t an easy job, mainly because there are so many people involved—each with their personalities, motivations, and expectations. But don’t let that stop you. Before exploring third party solutions, there are a few everyday things you can do in your organization to get and keep your employees motivated. Our B3 Toolkit starts by helping you identify and strengthen these three areas to keep your team continuously motivated.

Keep Your Requirements Clear

When you’re assigning projects and tasks to your team members, it’s important that you keep your requirements as clear and simple as possible. Our B3 Tookit strengthens this aspect of your management capabilities by helping you speak with a clear and objective mind. Which not only makes it easier to get your point across but also makes it easier to understand exactly what you’re hoping to achieve and leads to making it easier to accomplish. Simpler is always better.

Give Clear Objectives

Why should people work for you? Loyalty and work ethic aside, it’s crucial that those under your command are given the right incentives to perform. This goes beyond just a salary. The performance of those in your organization can be attributed to how your employees perceive their work. Do they understand clearly what they’re working towards? How their work directly impacts people or perhaps an industry? The B3 Toolkit gives you the resources for setting clear objectives for every member of the team.

By clearly explaining what your goal is for your organization, you’re giving them the chance to become personally invested in the work they produce- Leading to higher quality work and employees that are willing to do what it takes to help you reach your goal as a leader.

Share Feedback

The employees in your organization are always looking for feedback. Positive or otherwise. If they’ve accomplished something great, make sure to recognize it. This is something that absolutely can’t be taken for granted as a team leader. At the same time, you’ll also want to give constructive feedback if someone’s performance isn’t up to your expectations. The B3 Toolkit gives you an evaluation methodology and the tools for building a culture that encourages constructive feedback. Start the discussion with a plan to improve and show that you’re there to support their growth.


Getting Lasting Results

How motivated your employees feel they can have a direct impact on the success of your company. If you’re looking for loyalty, faithfulness, and trust from your employees, these three ideas will help you take the right approach in how you interact with your employees every day.

While using these techniques, you’ll want to keep in mind that there isn’t a one size fits all approach to motivate your employees. Understanding each individual’s personalities and motivations is a something that will take some time for you to really master.

Before you undertake any strategy for keeping your team motivated, start with our Strategic Expansion Toolkit to make sure you can effectively lead and motivate your team through any change or challenge.

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