Samex Associates: Samex’s Affiliate Program

If you’re looking to make an extra income, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and are interested in building a long-term sustainable career without the headache of building, managing and supporting a product, becoming a Samex Associate might be the right opportunity for you.

As an associate, you’ll be an independent affiliate marketer, responsible for guiding your students and clients through a learning curve until they’ve accomplished a specific goal. 

Although Affiliate Marketing is a simple and effective method of earning an income online, that doesn’t require a lot of experience, not everyone is as successful as one would like to hope. Our program changes that, by providing a blueprint of action items, training, tools and support to build a long-term affiliate career promoting our consulting programs and software platforms.

All Samex Associates are provided the following standard benefits to accelerate their career growth:

  • Up to 25% commission on all sales
  • Payments twice a month
  • Lifetime recurring commissions on monthly memberships
  • 8-week digital marketing associate training
  • Premium marketing automation tools
  • Blog & content publication network
  • Monthly marketing and lead generation workshops

Our Associate Program is highly selective and there are a few qualities that we look for in every interested associate.

What Makes a Good Associate?

A good associate is one who possesses most, if not all, of the qualities that should be present to make your marketing campaigns successful. These qualities may form the fine line between just being “lucky” and being good enough to do it consistently. So what quality should every good associate possess?

Qualities of a Good Associate:

  1. Organization:

A good associate has to be organized as an organization is one of the most vital qualities that will get you further in the field. Being organized means having a vision and a goal set in mind on how you want to pursue your affiliate marketing and what outcome you expect from it. A good way to make yourself organized is by starting with a good plan, which will determine how far you will go. Keeping your objectives in mind, you should choose what niche or specific category you would be specializing in.

Apart from the basics, the organization should be present in all other aspects as well, such as your finances being in order, keeping track of your marketing, and all the data you will be required to use should be at hand at all times.

  1. Self-motivation:

Being motivated and keeping yourself motivated is also essential when it comes to being an associate. As this is essentially a job that is done from home, keeping yourself motivated to stay on course and get things done consistently will prove to be vital. Associates are self-employed, and since no one’s keeping track of your daily work, you are your only motivator. Self-motivation will keep you pushing for success everyday. Set tasks that you should be doing in a given time frame and make sure you do them within it so you can stay on track and keep yourself motivated.

  1. Consistency:

No matter what plan you’re following and what vision you have for how far you want to grow as an associate, you will need to be consistent for you to achieve your results. If you have a certain timeline you are following or a certain, make sure you stick to it and follow it consistently. Your audience will expect you to hear from you regularly.

Hence it will be your responsibility to keep giving the audience what they want. Maintaining your sites and updating them frequently will also fall upon you. Once you know what tactics or strategies you will be following, make sure you follow it regularly.

  1. Social:

When we talk about social as a quality to have for a successful affiliate marketer, we should keep in mind that it means being social remotely as affiliate marketing is an online job. Hence, to be social online, you should make use of social media and know the importance of it. Being able to maintain contact and interact via social media is essential to be a good affiliate marketer. You should know how to engage with an audience and build contacts to make it viable. Being able to take part in a 2-way conversation and listening to what your readers want will be a good quality to have as you can really provide well for your readers then and also help to build up trust as they know you’re listening.

  1. Focused:

Last but not least, one of the most important qualities to have as an associate is to be focused and keep your vision in mind. It’s easy to get distracted on the internet as multiple opportunities will present themselves to you while you’re on it.

However, it will be essential never to lose sight of what success you’re aiming for. As long as you stay motivated and keep your goal in mind and stick to it, you’ll be able to stay focused and reach your targets as an associate.

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