Simplified Course Creation

There are many things to consider when starting the journey of building your workplace development program. These are items that if not properly taken care of, will either lead to a poorly executed training program, one which overwhelms your administrative teams and course creators, or leads to a disappointing learning experience.

The first step, is to plan and create your content. This is what your learners will see and engage with to learn. 

Create Your Course

Your course content is the most important part of your workplace development program. This is what your learners will see and engage with. A poorly planned course, one that isn't visually appealing or factually accurate will lead to a disappointing learning experience, and an overwhelming experience for your administrative teams and course creators.

The first step in creating your training program is deciding on a platform. Your training platform should give you ownership over the course creation process, and the ability to manage the relationships with learners. Our TiTAN LMS simplifies content creation process with an easy to follow class creation wizard. Covering all your bases for content creation so that launching a training and development program doesn't have to be difficult.

Create Lesson Plans

Lesson plans give your training program structure. Not only for you as the creator, but for your learners. Well thought out lesson plans allow you to group big ideas together into little units. Allowing you to create a logical order that is easy to follow for the learners.

TiTAN LMS' course creation process gives you beginner-friendly tools with tips on building your lesson plans. 

Detail is the key to success when structuring your lesson plans. You want to document everything you want to do, say or upload for every lesson, to keep your content organized and easy to execute. These keys are built into the core features of TiTAN LMS for streamlined lesson plan design, creation, editing and publishing.

Create Content

To keep your training content engaging and effective for your learner audience, you should use a number of different multimedia types. these can include video, audio, documents or pictures. 

For most training programs, videos are the most effective video type. TiTAN LMS' course creation process gives you the flexibility of using multiple media formats for delivering your information. Helping you ensure that all learning types are reached through your training program.



Planning for Success

Discover how workplace training can transform your culture to create long-term growth and retention.