More Engagement Equals Better Learning Outcomes

How do you get your workforce to stay engaged with your workplace training? How do you motivate and get them excited to continue? How do you ensure they can effectively apply their learning to the workplace?

By tapping into the subconscious with certain triggers in the learning experience.

Improve the Learning Experience

The active learning experience of our TiTAN LMS, uses several psychological triggers to keep your workforce hungry for consuming more information and exploring learning. Boosting dopamine triggers by providing clarity on where they are in their learning journey, and practical steps for getting to their next achievement. Provide accountability with built-in modules that can seamlessly integrate live one-on-one human interactions with your on-demand lesson plans.

Reward Engagement

Motivate with rewards based on topics, lessons or courses completed. Award points that can be redeemed for company apparel, gifts or additional items to strengthen your learning culture. Keep your learners coming back with reminders and notifications.



Planning for Success

Discover how workplace training can transform your culture to create long-term growth and retention.