Build an Effective Recruiting Pipeline

According to the PwS Future of Recruiting survey, 49% of candidates decline a job offer because of a poor recruitment experience. 

One of the most discouraging experiences for a potential employee or new hire is a lack of help and guidance. In many organizations, the responsibility of supervising and on-boarding a new employee falls on one manager. However, since this individual is also busy with their essential tasks and responsibilities, the incoming employee is often left on their own. The active learning experience of our TiTAN LMS allows you to streamline the on-boarding process without involving other employees. 

Build and assign courses to your recruiters to strengthen their interviewing skills for advanced roles. Use the simplified course creation capabilities to build assessments to evaluate candidates, collect information, track their progress in your pre-hiring process and even conduct video interviews using the integrated one-on-one meeting capabilities. Assign them to new programs, move them into your structured on-boarding experience after they've been made an employee and train them on the essentials before they start working in the company.



Planning for Success

Discover how workplace training can transform your culture to create long-term growth and retention.