The Truth Behind Procrastination

Every single one of us can waste time either intentionally or not, but when it comes to building a successful business, often it’s far more of a subtle beast that we need to conquer: it’s our own fears.

When you’re dealing with self-doubt, everything feels a lot more difficult than it is. We find a million reasons not to get something done because internally we’re constantly sabotaging ourselves believe it’ll likely fail, so why bother?

Procrastination is a business killer. It’s also a dream killer because if you’re allowing negative thoughts and self-doubt to lead the way, you’ll never have enough faith in your abilities to see things through.  You’ll not only take longer to get ahead, but chances are you’ll never reach your desired destination.

Procrastination has been called the closest ally to underachievement, and for good reason.

Many of us are afflicted by negative, self-doubt so if that’s you, know that you’re not alone.  Feeling like we’re not good enough, or that any success we’ve experienced was somehow unworthy is a common struggle with entrepreneurs all over the world. 

The “I’m not good enough” monster is only amplified when you see others in your industry succeed. You might wonder whether you know enough, are informed, skilled or equipped enough to be in a position of authority. 

If you’re a coach or course instructor, it’s easy to feel as though you’re simply not knowledgeable or experienced enough to be charging people for your information.

Deep down, you know it’s not true. You’ve likely worked hard to get to where you are and deserve every bit of success you achieve.  Overcoming those feels will take personal will and determination, but if you make the commitment to yourself and your business, and you persevere, nothing will stop you from reaching those goals. 

Don’t be your own worst enemy in business.  Be careful not to sabotage your own efforts.  Identify your weaknesses and move on to focus on your strengths. 

Take action every single day so that you’re too busy killing it in your industry to let that negative voice cost you those aspirations.  Dig deep and diligently work towards improving your work flow while letting go of those negative assumptions.  

No, it won’t always be easy and it’ll take a determined effort on your part, but if you work towards reprogramming your way of thinking, you’ll vanquish those success-constricting messages and reinvigorate that desire that made you take the leap from employee to self-employed in the first place.

You got this!

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