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Our learning platform and AI-powered learning methodology helps you identify issues impacting professional growth and development in your workforce. Leverage intelligence and automation to put the right leaders and technologies in place to overcome business, operations and supply chain challenges. 

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Our Mission

To create balanced and productive workplaces that empower individuals to take control of their career growth and become exceptional leaders that transform their organizations.

Our Vision

To accelerate personal and professional growth through the application of technology and continuous hands-on learning experiences.

Build Thought Leadership, Learning Outcomes & Career Pathways

Tap into the knowledge, skills and passion of your workforce to create engaging learning outcomes that move your entire organization forward. Build clear pathways to career growth with quantifiable goals that empower your employees and provide practical learning experiences for leading your enterprise.

What We Do

Overcome learning and experience challenges with Samex's active learning suite.


Quickly create and launch engaging learning experiences in a few minutes


Access award-winning workforce development programs for improving leadership & productivity


Deliver active learning experiences with exposure to real world problem solving.

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Learn how our customers increase workplace engagement with learning by 100%+

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Discover how workplace training can transform your culture to create long-term growth and retention.