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Unlock your potential with an online business builder and automated mentoring platform that guides you in growing your digital product business.

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How It Works



Start with a 5-minute onboarding evaluation to gain clarity on your goals.


Break Ground

Create your business builder account with the options right for your business.


Build Foundation

Build your disuptive brand with support from our strategic guidance system.


Build Growth

Log in daily for personalized recommendations and step-by-step guidance.

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Go From Concept to Completion in Days

Establish Your Online Business with Customizable Designs

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Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur

Build Your Business, Your Way!

Struggling to navigate the world of online business? You're not alone. But what if you had a personalized guide by your side, whispering success tips in your ear every day? Our platform offers exactly that – an automated mentorship system designed to empower freelancers, coaches, and solopreneurs like you.

  • This built-in support system breaks down the journey into easy-to-manage "stages," providing actionable advice and strategies tailored to your specific needs. From getting started and building a winning mindset, to crafting irresistible offers and mastering email marketing, Samex equips you with the knowledge and tools you need to thrive online.
Get Started

Foundational Focus

Learn how to set clear goals, overcome self-doubt, and discover your niche market.


Profit Producer

Craft high-converting offers, build products for recurring revenue, and leverage the power of joint ventures.


Marketing Mastery

Unlock the secrets of attracting leads, building email relationships, and driving traffic to your website.


Affiliate Advantage

Learn how to tap into lucrative affiliate programs and become a successful digital business owner.


List Launchpad

Master the art of building an engaged email list, the cornerstone of any online business.


Psychology in Play

Discover the secrets of marketing psychology and craft messaging that compels your audience to take action.

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Connect Like a Pro With Built-In Seamless Networking

Imagine ditching the paper business cards and instantly sharing your contact information, website, and social media profiles with a tap.

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What Users Have to Say

4.0 star of 4 review

This platform made me realize success is built on daily habits. Focusing on one thing at a time and overcoming challenges helped me develop routines that stick for managing my business. Thanks, Samex, for the jumpstart!

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4.0 star of 4 review

This platform gave me a starting point and the power to choose my own path! In just 3 days, I learned to organize, set goals, and identify bad habits. I'm confident I can achieve my business goals with these tools. Thanks!

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eCommerce Business Owner
4.0 star of 4 review

Samex helped me turn dreams into action! I learned to identify bad habits and be consistent with my daily steps in achieving goals. The platform's mix of guidance, readings, and self-inventory exercises was key. Thanks for the amazing experience!

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Jewel B.
4.0 star of 4 review

Samex helped me prioritize tasks like a pro! Guiding me to focus on the high-impact 20% is a game-changer for my time. Plus, the 'tricks for big wins' helped me break the cycle of waiting for perfection. Thanks, Samex!

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Dulce A.
Small Business Owner
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